Joan Baez'den Küstah Açıklama

Joan Baez'den Küstah Açıklama

Türkiye'de vereceği konseri darbe girişimi nedeniyle iptal eden Joan Baez, Facebook hesabı üzerinden yayınladığı açıklama ile büyük tepki çekti. (Edebiyat Haberleri)

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Türkiye'de vereceği konseri darbe girişimi nedeniyle iptal eden Joan Baez, Facebook hesabı üzerinden yayınladığı açıklama ile büyük tepki çekti.

Baez'in açıklamasının bir bölümü şöyle:

“Türkiye’deki arkadaşlarım, Türkiye’deki konserlerimi iptal etme kararı aldım. Onca zamandır savaş bölgelerine, diktatörlük rejimine sahip ülkelere, sivil arbedelerin yaşandığı yerlere gittim. Ama bugünün Türkiye’sindeki gibi beklenmedik ve çok büyük tehlike gibisini gördüm mü emin değilim. Aktivist meslektaşlarıma bile ne kadar kararlı olsalar da önermem, kendimi, grubumu ve ekibimi Türkiye’de yükselen kâbusun içine sokamam. Umarım acı çekmeden ve barbarca cezalar almadan birlikte şarkı söyleriz.” (Çeviri: Hürriyet)

Yüzlerce yorum ile Baez'i kınayan Türk takipçileri tepkilerini dile getirdikten sonra, Joan Baez yeni bir açıklama yayınlayarak özür diledi. Her iki metni Facebook üzerinden görüp yorum yapabilmeniz için eklentileriyle birlikte yayınlıyoruz.


Dear friends in Turkey,

In relation to the decision to cancel my concerts in Turkey. Of all the times I've gone into war zones, countries under dictatorships, or any other civil strife, I'm not sure I've seen anything like the immense and unpredictable danger which presents itself in today's Turkey. Never has the advice of all my risk-taking activist colleagues been so adamant that I do not put myself, and my band and crew, in the heightened danger of the nightmare which is sweeping Turkey.

My heart aches especially for the close friends I've had for decades, the new friends and musicians I've come to know, and for the Kurdish people who suffer continually and harshly.

I'm singing a Turkish song on my current tour of Europe, Nâzim Hikmet's Hiroshima child poem, and parts of Kardeş Türküler's "Tencere Tava Havasi." The response is huge, as the concern and sympathy for your country are great everywhere we go.

With concern, sorrow, and confusion, I wish you strength to continue in this dark battle, and I hope to return when the darkness turns at least to grey. And we can sing together without suffering the barbaric penalties of today.

Joan Baez

To my public and my beloved friends in Turkey,

In seeing the response to parts of my letter cancelling my concerts in Turkey, I'd like to say to anyone who may have felt hurt, confused, insulted, or angry at my words, I am deeply sorry.

I was expressing my personal reactions as they came to me, sitting in front of a television, watching the events unfolding in Turkey. My response came with my own many assumptions, and in hindsight, many words were not diplomatic or even thoughtful. They were what came to my mind, heart, and directly to my pen without censorship. Clearly some were observations I could have kept to myself.

The decision to cancel my concerts was agonizing, which is why it came so late. I kept hoping the streets would become quiet, the mood calm. I wanted so badly to be there, and if I could still sing a whole concert without the help of my musicians, I would probably have come on my own. But I cannot, and could not in good conscience insist that anyone come with me.

In the end it is not so much myself I would be trying to protect, as my own public. The warnings to avoid crowds do not seem unrealistic.

In closing, however, I repeat that if what was meant to be a letter of solidarity caused more wounds than support, I am profoundly sorry.

Joan Baez

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